Bronchoscope Stabilization System

Eliminate Need for Assistance

The bronchoscope is securely attached to the BSS which eliminates the need for an assistant, resulting in reduced staff requirements and thus more working space in what are often crowded suites.

Reduce Radiation Exposure

The BSS provides hands-free stabilization which permits doctors and staff to be removed from the field during imaging, which reduces harmful radiation exposure.

Shorten Procedure Time

As the BSS maintains bronchoscope positioning, compensation for tremors or movement is not necessary – a static image shortens the procedure time and allows for enhanced work flow.
There were less hands needed to perform the procedures - eliminating one assistant. The stability of the scope decreases sampling error as there was less need to reposition the bronchoscope between sampling.”

              – Dr. Thomas. Malfait, Interventional Pulmonologist, University Hospital Ghent, Belgium

Key Features

Mediflex® offers the only table-mounted stabilization platform designed specifically to hold a flexible bronchoscope during interventional pulmonology procedures, particularly those that include: Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy (ENB), Radial Endobronchial Ultrasound (rEBUS) and Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT). 


  • Eliminates an assistant
  • Static holding in all directions without trembling or moving  
  • Decreases radiation exposure, doctors/staff can move away from patient during imaging
  • Facilitates insertion of working instruments
  • Permits the scope tip and working instruments to stay in one spot, despite the patient breathing
  • Allows for precise (brush/biopsy) sampling, decreasing sampling error  
  • Speeds up overall procedure

The Bronchoscope Stabilization System table-mounted articulating arm offers static, hands-free holding of flexible bronchoscopes. One handle controls all three joints for ease of rapid positioning or adjustment. It will maintain scope position during imaging and intervention, and help to reduce trauma to the anatomy.

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