Our Mission Statement

Mediflex® is dedicated to providing today’s hospital community with unique and thoughtfully developed surgical devices of the highest quality.  Our goal is to offer products which significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of today’s most challenging surgical procedures.

Company Philosophy

To achieve our goals, Mediflex® focuses on developing an organization built on the cornerstones of good leadership, company teamwork, expertise and continuous improvement.  We believe that this combination of efforts allows us to produce and deliver well designed quality products which meet the demands of surgeons and hospitals worldwide.


Attributes which make Mediflex® uniquely qualified for ongoing growth and success

  • Engineering and Product Development:  Mediflex® employs innovative engineers who work along with our product development experts to create new products and product improvements.  Beginning with our founder David T. Adler, today we continue to strive to collaborate with world-class surgeons to develop products which offer new advantages to improving surgical techniques and efficiency.
  • Good Marketing Mediflex® has worked to develop a growing market for its products through consistent promotion of the company through important medical exhibitions worldwide,  developing excellent product literature and resources, and the creation of a world-class internet site. 
  • Distribution and Sales:  Mediflex® seeks to enter into long term partnerships with highly qualified medical products distributors both domestically and worldwide.  We strive to support our distributors with the tools to allow them to successfully sell our products to today’s most demanding hospitals and doctors.
  • Product and Sales Training:  Mediflex® puts a high emphasis on producing and distributing professional and thorough training and product information materials which allow each sales person to confidently present our products to their customers.  This is supplemented with periodic “hands-on” training visits with distributor sales managers and sales people.
  • Product Expansion:  Starting with the OEM development of key surgical devices for general surgery and neurosurgery, Mediflex® has endeavored to expand its product offerings to the other growing surgical disciplines such as minimally invasive surgery and robotic assisted surgery.
  • Goals for the Future:  Mediflex’s major objective is to expand its presence as a world-wide brand and to continue to grow its size and market share during the next years.