Original Equipment Manufacturer Since 1969

Since the Original Surgical Flexbar® Flexible Arm was developed by Mediflex’s founder, David T. Adler, over 50 years ago, Mediflex® has continued as a world leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of surgical holders, retractor systems and instrumentation used in operating rooms around the world. Through collaboration with several leading surgeons and as an OEM partner of many leading medical companies, Mediflex® has developed unique, high-quality surgical devices that meet the stringent needs of today’s surgeons.

As an OEM designer and manufacturer of many unique and innovative surgical device technologies, Mediflex® will work with your company in developing customized and integrated solutions for your most challenging demands. Under our ISO managed design control, engineering and manufacturing capabilities, we offer state-of-the-art platform systems complementary to many surgical disciplines such as spine, orthopedic, neurosurgery & navigation, cardio-thoracic, minimally invasive surgery, robotic and more.

Product Design Core Technologies Include:

Surgical Holding and Positioning Arms and Attachment Accessories

Mediflex® FlexArm™ and StrongArm™ devices are designed to attach to the OR table or can be adapted for use with other proprietary surgical or diagnostic systems. These arms offer adjustable flexibility and rigidity with a choice of tensioning and locking mechanisms depending on the application.


Table Mounted and Self-Retaining Retractor Systems and Components

Mediflex® produces and supplies a wide range of systems and components for general, GYN, urology, ENT, spine, orthopedic and vascular procedures. Customized OEM configurations are easily produced utilizing our modular system components and customization.


Mediflex® OEM Design, Development & Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Engineering: Our product development and engineering specialists offer “Concept to Finished Device” expertise utilizing Solid Works software.
  • Prototypes: Produced upon demand for product verification.
  • Manufacturing: Mediflex’s production utilizes state-of-the-art machining and finishing facilities to produce parts and systems out of medical grade materials.